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Among others,we provide the following services;
*Estate Agency
*Property marketing
*Property management
*Facility management
*Project management
**Real estate development
10 Steps To Buy Or Build Your Own Home And
Become A Landlord
Are you tired of insults from landlords?
Do you desire to become a landlord in Lagos, east or any part of the country ,Nigeria or Dubai (uae)
Want to buy or build a house of your own ?
If your answer is YES, then you have come to the right person.
My name is Kanu ugochukwu
I am both a home owner and real estate consultant in Lagos and east
My goal is to help YOU become a home owner in Nigeria and Dubai (uae)
Yes, I want to help you fire your landlord.
I want to help YOU become a landlord!
Let's proceed.
The 10 Steps To Become A Home Owner.
Step 1: Determine Your Budget
>> How much do you have in your bank accounts?
>> How much can you raise through relatives?
>> What size of loan do you qualify for in your cooperative society (if you
belong to any?)
>> What size of personal or mortgage loan can you get from your bank?
The total amount you can raise through all sources of funds available to you
will determine the value of the property you can buy.